This case study is about a car dealership company that is facing downfall with regards to its rankings, keywords, and business. It was lacking in good marketing strategies to overcome the issue of low ranking. The company also deals with areas that are not UK-based. Their focus is on high-end luxury vehicles.


The objective of this case study is to boost its traffic on different sites like Google. Once the car-traffic of the website is increased, its rankings will automatically improve. The business will prosper. The main aim is to make the business lucrative.

The SEO Audit

Due to the Google Core Algorithm Update cone in May, this company faced a major drop in its rankings. This was found out by searching up the SEO history. The bounce rate of the client was sky-high and the content on their website was insufficient. The content was not satisfactory in quality as well as quantity. To solve this problem, the client tried Trafficora and observed their falling state improving. As the website got some of its rankings back, the client subscribed to the SEO program offered by Trafficora.

Focusing On Improving Existing Content, Rankings & Traffic with Easy Wins

One of the primary things taken a glance at is rising traffic on existing pages.It’s common to seek out that a lot of sites are near high ranking and obtaining traffic, however, they solely aren’t within the top positions.
For this Trafficora tends to run the straightforward wins analysis and notice keywords that the location is ranking for with the subsequent metrics:

  • Positions 4-30 with
  • KD equal to or less than 30
  • Minimum CPC .01

It is an easy way to look for pages, keywords, and content that are close to getting high rankings. Once found the targetable pages and keywords, you can help to improve their ranking and trafficking. 460 ideal targets were picked from this particular page, present mostly at the bottom of the first page and through the third page.

Competitive Gap Analysis

The next major step is to look for the important keywords in the content that your competitors target but you seem to ignore. The automotive business may be a bit different regarding the content gap analysis. When analyzing the competitive gap during this business, you’ll usually realize keywords that are impertinent and not value targeting (i.e. specific automotive models, geo-targeted keywords, etc.) Most of the highest competitor sites that target the same keywords do not have sufficient content. Therefore, strategic content is built up for the client to excel and surpass all other companies.

SEO Results

After the easy-win analysis of the top keywords, many of them are seen on the first page. Top ten are visible on page 1 as given below:

After using Trafficora “Premium” SEO plan for 5 months, the top key term showed its movement as follows:


After getting help from Trafficora, the client experienced a drastic improvement in organic key terms, organic traffic, and the site’s backlinks. The traffic value of the site increased too as can be seen in the chart below:


CASE STUDY FOR Consumer Goods: On Page SEO


When the Project of “ON Page” SEO optimization was completed. The next big goal for us was that the clients wanted to increase organic traffic for broad as well as for very competitive national keywords. To achieve this goal, a very high-level implementation of content writing and link building strategy is needed, to overcome this problem and achieve this goal, Trafficora is here for you to achieve your goals. Trafficora will implement its unique strategy and will increase organic traffic, in less than a year period.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Well, it’s a universal fact that to do something new, you need a good strategy and a deep understanding of the problem.

After reviewing the SEO work of numerous websites, we found that they are still using outdated techniques to rank a website. We are living in the ERA of Technology. Updates are coming day by day, if

We miss a single day without update (or to work regarding updates), we are behind from others in years.

It’s a pleasure to share that Trafficora found many missed opportunities in conjunction with outdated and over-aggressive SEO techniques. We found many flaws in numerous famous ranking website techniques regarding their strategies.

Trafficora which is using its very unique strategy which is according to the rules of Google will help you in the Ranking website.

Keywords are everything in the world of SEO. Trafficora worked a lot in reviewing the keywords searching for users. Trafficora worked day and night to identify the missed opportunities by the:-

  1. Account seasonality
  2. Relevancy of the Topic
  3. Transactional phrases.

Today you have to keep in your mind that every new keyword search is required to make several additional “ON Page SEO” recommendations and revisions than the previous strategy. The new strategy Trafficora is using focused on long term SEO tactics includes:-

  • Conversion optimization
  • Usability (Panda Proofing, Google Algorithm)
  • Remapping keywords to hyper-relevant & transactional pages on a client’s website.


The most awaited and best part is the result of hard work and patience.

After a fruitful 12-month campaign, Trafficora increased the client’s organic search traffic remarkably by 165% (proud moment) which resulted in an increase in online revenue of up to 200%. While the best thing is the client is also checking the increased engagement metric such as pages per visit as well as lowered bounce rate (going to another page without staying on the current one). It’s an honor to share with you that their quality of inbound traffic also increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 26%, transactional count by 235%. The results of 12 months are below. The monthly growth rate is shown here.

Quick Summary of this case study:-


  • To increase organic traffic for broad keywords.
  • To increase organic traffic for competitive national keywords.


  • Organic traffic increased by 165%.
  • Online revenue increased by 192%.
  • E-commerce conversion rate lifted by 26%.
  • Transaction count increased by 235%


Finance SEO Case Study (From Zero To 25,000 Ranking Keywords!)


One of the most profitable platforms online is the financial niche. The company did not have much trafficking and desired their keyword ranking to boost. Their initial keyword ranking was 13,000 visitors a month. They signed up for Trafficora SEO program in October 2018. The monthly budget started at $3,000 per month and increased to $20,000 per month as the client made progress.


The objective of the case was to vigorously boost the keyword ranking of the client and to increase the trafficking on that particular site.

The SEO Audit

Since the site was new, there was no previous record present on it. There were some anchor texts on the site but it could be diversified.

Key Word Analysis through the Easy-Wins Method

230 key terms were identified using this method. They ranked from number 4 to 30 with volumes between 20 and 11,000. Since these keywords already lied somewhere near the topmost rankings, it was easy to increase their trafficking. Moreover, other companies and sites were bidding on them which them more in demand. Some keywords present in the lower volume were extremely profitable and had CPC (Cost per Click) of $20.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Comparative Gap Analysis is a process in which those keywords are found that are targeted by other sites and not by the client. The client is made to target those too to get the top rankings.

In this case, above 1,000 keywords were found that were skipped by the client. Trafficora figured out three sorts of content and used each with different strategies.

  1. Category Pages: High volume key terms that discuss a particular subject fall in this category.
  2. Product Review Pages: There are certain brand and product words that are evaluated with the help of Competitive Gap Analysis. These are used to produce substantial content that further contributes to the revenue of the site.
  3. Supporting Content:After the creation of base-content, supporting content is also formed. It consists of high competition terms.

Starting SEO Campaign

By carrying out different campaigns, content and links of high-quality are formed. In an attempt to increase the traffic on the block, blogger outreach and blog content were increased. Previously, the campaign had:

By the end of the campaign, the final products included:

  • Blogger 1000 Words (2x)
  • Link Building (2x)
  • Guest Posts(10X DA40)
  • Guest Posts(20X DA30)
  • Guest Posts(5X DA50)


Owing to efficient execution, planning, and communication, the site experienced remarkable results. The current traffic value of the site is $351,000 monthly.

The traffic on the site increased dramatically in the last year. The traffic graph is as follows:


The close communication of the client with Trafficora and the amount of trust put made it all happen. The team of Trafficora prepared a list of competitors too which helped the client to have a deep insight into the matter.