Sunil Gupta knows what it takes to build and grow a sustainable business. As the founder of TrafficOra, he experienced hardships early in life. Against his will, he dropped out of school at the age of 15 to help feed his family. He took odd jobs just to make a buck. From the jobs he took, he understood the work ethic it takes to succeed in life. Success and wealth is never handed to you on a silver platter. You have scratch and claw your way towards it by very means necessary.

Sunil's life has been a roller coaster ride until he studied SEO in 2009. Back when keyword stuffing, directory sites, and article marketing ruled supreme, Sunil learned proven optimization tactics and strategies that position websites to rank high on search engines. While SEO trends come and go, Sunil's experiences in life helped him persevere through the different changes that the SEO landscape underwent.

At one point, Sunil specialized in providing guest posting services to clients and help spread their brand's message to a wider audience. His success in this field paved way for him to gain authorship on prestigious sites like Forbes, Entrerpreneur, and other sites.

However, his thirst for success encouraged him to build TrafficOra to provide small businesses and startups the best digital marketing services to help grow their brand now. He does it the only way he knows how - using the best and tested tactics to help build customized strategies for different clients guaranteed to grow their business!

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