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Why did we develop our DA checker? One reason is because Google has more than 200 ranking variables that they use in their algorithm. These are daunting numbers for all online marketers trying to gain a firm hold on their website's ranking.  The problem is that when it comes to achieving ranking success online, websites are certainly not rated equally.  The ranking differences that exist between websites today has brought about the need for a unique rating system - Domain Authority and the need for tools that include a Moz DA checker.


What is Domain Authority?

Developed by Moz, an online social metrics monitoring company, Domain Authority is one of the best ways evaluate and boost your search engine rankings.  Domain Authority is a measurement commonly used to determine how Google’s algorithms are ranking you based on your credibility and/nor authority online.  Domain Authority is based on a number between 1 and 100 (1 is the worst -100 is the best) and also includes a number of SEO factors that cause some websites to rank better than others. Some of the most important factors include the age of the site, the number and types of backlinks, the quality of the content, the design of the site (compatible with all browsers, mobile friendly, etc.), social signals (how often your site is shared on social sites), the speed of the site, etc.


Checking Other Websites's Domain Authority

Smart digital marketers make it a habit to consistently monitor and boost their website's authority to develop dominance and improve rankings in search engine results pages. In addition, they monitor their competitors’ Domain Authority using a DA checker which helps them play their cards more efficiently. You can also use a Bulk DA checker if you want to build effective backlinks - how else would you know how to choose the most reputable and/or authoritative ones to target? You can also check multiple websites and pages at once with our bulk Domain Authority checker.


Improve Your Rankings with TrafficOra

Measuring website domain authority can be a complex undertaking. It's our goal to simplify the process. All you need to do to get your site’s results is enter the URL you want to check in the "Check Domain Authority" box and click on the "Check Authority" button. You can also enter multiple URLs (up to 50), calculating DA and PA at the same time.  Your DA checker will show you the website’s page authority, Moz Rank, link equity, IP address and more. Once you get the results you have the option to export them. Our Moz DA checker is one of the best online tools to use to generate real world results.

The main goal of our website is to provide a quality Domain Authority process that provides all beginners and experienced marketers a like an easy way to improve their website’s ranking. Use the Trafficora DA checker now and find out how your website is ranking and to track your competition. Let us help you gain the competitive edge online.